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solve a mystery

what nonsense

have we caused here

put me in


color it

with belief

a code


nowhere near

a question

a pattern

boundaries exerted

who put us

at fault


an experiment




for the

rest of




fine details

other stuff

the manifest

you said

life is what

could be

at risk

a bridge

more than

on the verge

of collapse

clear away

the corrosion


it spreads

like cancer

shore it up

only words





I’m one of them

you know

ready for


crowned with protections

a thousand years

of bets

a fate not based

on chance

a figure

but not that

which has aligned

with the


like somewhere else

surrounded by

an inland promise

come and gone

eroded away

only vaguely


a promise

no more

The Facade



a guest has


a lightning bolt

a foundation

for the


an uncertain future

not as tough

as believed

the walls

are still standing

marble and granite

still crumble

under pressure

the surface

a haven



to the


Skeleton’s Dance

no, never thought it real
but not so far
so follow
and hold tight the post
a skelton’s dance
for each night
in ignorant bliss
i’ll ask for my payment
they are coming
but nowhere so near
as hell!

Do You Write? Do Tell!


I’m interested.

Do you write?

If so, what? And why?

Or why not?

This will only take a moment, and it won’t even hurt at all! 

(well, maybe just a pinch)




The Dance

you’ve seen it
the dance
a very
special waltz
disguised as
and grace
until we
fall down


© 2010 J.H.

originally published at pearljam.com


for your pride
you get
a new bottle
firmly armed
with looming disaster
keep the lid on
steady as she goes
all hands on deck
arrows point the way
to battle stations
well worn from
tread carefully
between the
and lying on
the deck

 © 2010 J.H.
originally published at pearljam.com

Going Home

timing and options
home from the marching
a message inside
which is that?
why not cut it clearly
in the morning hush
of yesterday
i am once again
in the wrong direction
on to the sky
or do we grow
i considered that
which i have received
the harder to balance
oh i wish it
anything but
far far away
i will be
in my bitterness
standing tall
head high
eyes closed
in case the circle
a slowly expanding cloud
goes to nothing
the last order
i won’t let it
oh i have taken the blow
© 2013 J.H.

Bottom Up

three blind mice
three little piggies
one as all the others
works from the top down
try to teach them better
but what do i know
it started at the top
that’s clearer to me now
doesn’t mean i’ll stop
trying to change this
for the better
maybe the trick
to start from the



© 2010 J.H.

originally published at pearljam.com

Box of Love

lunch boxes
lined up on
the counter
full of love
and goodies
taken for granted
they’ll never know
just how full
they really are

© 2010 J.H.

originally published at pearljam.com

Deja Vu

simple as
an apparition
seen in …
not even minesimple as
the darkest dawn
beyond my eyes
asleep and blind

simple as
the passing time
dead and silent
in my head

i was not here
and yet i am
for here i’m waking
in my bed

 sandalwood and amber
that solid wood
scented with memories
of earlier times
deja vu
a glitch in the matrix
or past lifetimes
can’t be sure
but there it is
heady and alluring
plain as day
sandalwood and amber
sweet and smoky
floats in my memory
grab onto
that solid piece of wood
and hold those
some clear
some on the edge of reality
hippie skirts and sandals
opium dens and dreams
sweet and warm
others unknown
but real and present
hold them
for your own
for today
they are what
makes me
feel alive
© 2010 J.H.
originally published pearljam.com

Crimson Beckoning

 Originally published 2010 pearljam.com

what they see
is the sheen
the scarlet
and black
some call me
but i wonder
what solace lies
within the
black depths
i walk beside
there is no
beauty in this
only pain
and loss
amber and sandalwood
console me
no more
crimson is my soul
my only

moonlight beckons

its shimmering visage
haunts the eddies below
comfort lies there
in the vortex
hidden in mist
so lovely
so easy
to slip away
ease my sorrows
no one
left to hold
my heart
moonlight beckons

© copyright 2010 J. H.

Mr. Reaper

walked right beside you
all of these days
planning your life
knowing your demise
lay within my reach
be comfortable
my friend
though they mourn
enjoy your rest
before the long
journey begins
safely to the ground
gone but
still here
with me
by your side
to guide
they see me here
your friends
and lovers
don’t believe
we’ve met
they’ll say
oh but we have
i walk along
in the shadows
meek and mild
ever the
in a cloak
of silence
have no
I’m always
hold my hand
off to
the promised
 © 2010  J.H.
Originally Published at pearljam.com

Inside the Vault

no time
no, get out
step aside
there’s no room for you here
inside a vault
what game is this
is it safe yet
or will
lightening strike
as i cry out
in the
© 2013 J.H.

Reluctant Rock Star

shaking hands
signing autographs
i have taken your seat
a mystery
no answers
from where i was napping
an impression
i have seen from here
all the hands
one thousand winds
that blow
hold on to the rope
so strong
and i swear
i felt all the blues
he scrunched his face
pinching his nose
and holding his own
territories and allies
we are all grown
and now
there is no place
to know the truth
just wait
to have an honest answer
© 2013 J.H.

Suicidal Tendencies

held captive
harmed innocence
i wish for
one night
willing to try
celebrate life
than death
a test
all other
invading forces
or worse
never shaken
the silence appeared
a rationalization
not my own
© 2013 J.H.


be careful
there is belief there
to think upon
chances for apocalypse
the mystique is gone
let the cracks in
tried to go back
why now?
what is calling
the hands of
an ache we used
to hear
allow us that
waiting close to
the light
and trust
there is no
reverence now
© 2013 J.H.


life theories
unable to join
never thought I’d hear
the deafening silence
can you find
the silence
lend an ear
this is not just
the beginning
pause the show
for a minute or two
stand behind your brothers
wake again to
breed the female
a slow death of air
a baby’s laughter
is the greatest price
of fear
© 2013 J.H.


east or west

distinguish the laughter

from the love

the edge of your opinion

chains hold its true shape

a wild animal

pounds on the walls

break down the doors

and stomp on the west

were you speaking

from the reserve?

overrun with them

its too late

 © 2013 J.H.

Prayer to Innocence

a memory now
a wish
can we ever
go back?
to days
of never-ending youth
crisply fallen leaves
lining forest floor
fresh and frozen
bothered not
my being
for i was warm
and new
and cherished
yet to be remembered
here we gathered
’round the fire
far from the bluster
of my world
good friends
good strangers
becoming good friends
sometimes an evening
sometimes all night
smoke filled
known not of enemies
naivete was my fortune
one small world
protected from evil

© 2010 J.H.

The Way of the Wise Woman

The Way of the Wise Woman

If you find sickness, heal.

if you find a broken heart, mend it.

If you find despair, offer hope.

If you find silence, lend an ear.

If you cannot imagine, dream.

If you cannot find a voice, just sing. 

~  © J.H. 2013

taken from my sister blog at http://www.SimpleEarthCreations.wordpress.com

Song of Silence

the population
in the
its so many
not the truth
and i’d better
stop singing
the quartets
come close
a memory
this minute
a wind howling
us and them
wrapped and adjoined
enjoy the warning
for what happens next
the lyrics escape me
the setting is clear
so many times
a lullabye
traveling in time
to listen
a thought, despite
the tragedy sleeping
in the right direction
but your cup is empty


Copyright © 2013 by Jo Heck and Rippled Words

Bottled Up

heads up
your patience
a capacity for
unfortunate feeling
i’ve been there
search for the front
safe mode
nothing to see
how to leave it
to protect themselves
a disallowance
direct access
the craving drapes the show
guardianship over
this pitiful blizzard
a reason to deny
imminent attack
a secret
i just won’t let it

Copyright © 2013 by Jo Heck and Rippled Words