a harp unstrung


Hi All …

My name is Jo.

I’m Mom to three, and Grandma to a growing brood of ever-twitching-talking-laughing-running-jumping-bouncing-and-loving little boys. 

I’m also an artist, a jewelry maker, a music fanatic, leftover hippie, part-time rock band groupie, and seeker of everything zen.

A head full of ideas, in some semblance of sorts, not wholly jumbled and incomplete, I suppose I live a fractionated sort of life.   An eye to my surroundings, a myriad of projects half finished, not quite abandoned, waiting only for the want of an illusion, a figment, some flight of fancy or muse to spark a final direction, the reflection comes clear.  Inevitably through metamorphosis I may recognize fully half of what I started.

One day I’ll get to fixing that. For now, I’m quite happy with my slice of the pie.

Oh, and I like to write.  I call it poetry.

“Doesn’t Poetry need to rhyme?”, you ask.

Well, no. 

Not mine.

At least not

by design.

If my words ring true

to you

then you’ll feel




many things

but something


what I’m



I hope you enjoy!

A Thought ~

One of the very special things about poetry is that anyone can do it … and anyone can add to it.

That’s exactly what I would hope you’ll do.

When you read a few lines here, and if you’re so inspired, feel free to add a few lines of your own.  Please Do!

Use the comment section under any poem to add a few lines, talk about what you’ve envisioned while reading, where the words take you, or leave a comment or suggestion.

Let’s Talk ~ Let’s Create ~ Let’s make Art


I also want to check out your page. Please leave some info.

One thing you can count on when you visit here is that I’ll be back with more.


If you’re feeling adventurous, check out my Etsy Shop


I’m not crazy about the need to say this, but, as we all know, there is that need.

So here goes.

Basically…..please ask first, OK?

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