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Empty Promises

all that could prove

to be


shaken down


tilted over

a violent quake

agonizingly slow

unto dust

a pile of rubble

the descendents

just may

beat the odds

take their chances



© 2013 J.H.

Bottom Up

three blind mice
three little piggies
one as all the others
works from the top down
try to teach them better
but what do i know
it started at the top
that’s clearer to me now
doesn’t mean i’ll stop
trying to change this
for the better
maybe the trick
to start from the



© 2010 J.H.

originally published at pearljam.com

Box of Love

lunch boxes
lined up on
the counter
full of love
and goodies
taken for granted
they’ll never know
just how full
they really are

© 2010 J.H.

originally published at pearljam.com