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A Poem for Lisa

A Poem for Lisa

A dear friend of mine lost her Daddy today after a long illness. She is heartbroken. I didn’t quite know what to say, so I wrote it in a poem. I hope it helps her.


Going Home

timing and options
home from the marching
a message inside
which is that?
why not cut it clearly
in the morning hush
of yesterday
i am once again
in the wrong direction
on to the sky
or do we grow
i considered that
which i have received
the harder to balance
oh i wish it
anything but
far far away
i will be
in my bitterness
standing tall
head high
eyes closed
in case the circle
a slowly expanding cloud
goes to nothing
the last order
i won’t let it
oh i have taken the blow
© 2013 J.H.

Mr. Reaper

walked right beside you
all of these days
planning your life
knowing your demise
lay within my reach
be comfortable
my friend
though they mourn
enjoy your rest
before the long
journey begins
safely to the ground
gone but
still here
with me
by your side
to guide
they see me here
your friends
and lovers
don’t believe
we’ve met
they’ll say
oh but we have
i walk along
in the shadows
meek and mild
ever the
in a cloak
of silence
have no
I’m always
hold my hand
off to
the promised
 © 2010  J.H.
Originally Published at pearljam.com


Outside the Night

did you notice the night?
i fell right through your eyes
to take everything
i fell right through the wormhole
just to hear a memory
fascinated by the gallows
the shape is produced
but the setting escapes me
stand outside
to take my stand
should we fear to look?
or reality?
when its raining
let go to make new ghosts
open the wind and rain
with the hourglass they stand
just to wait and see
if i care


Copyright © 2013 by Jo Heck and Rippled Words