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A Poem for Lisa

A Poem for Lisa

A dear friend of mine lost her Daddy today after a long illness. She is heartbroken. I didn’t quite know what to say, so I wrote it in a poem. I hope it helps her.


Going Home

timing and options
home from the marching
a message inside
which is that?
why not cut it clearly
in the morning hush
of yesterday
i am once again
in the wrong direction
on to the sky
or do we grow
i considered that
which i have received
the harder to balance
oh i wish it
anything but
far far away
i will be
in my bitterness
standing tall
head high
eyes closed
in case the circle
a slowly expanding cloud
goes to nothing
the last order
i won’t let it
oh i have taken the blow
© 2013 J.H.