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Skeleton’s Dance

no, never thought it real
but not so far
so follow
and hold tight the post
a skelton’s dance
for each night
in ignorant bliss
i’ll ask for my payment
they are coming
but nowhere so near
as hell!

The Opening

see through the night
a wrapping
a sturdy box
maybe hope
or trinkets
locked down
unscrew the top
an act given to
violent criminals
a greater number
the sun settles
above the good news
put me in there
maybe it will
set again
to fell
all the other plans


Copyright © 2013 by Jo Heck and Rippled Words



Outside the Night

did you notice the night?
i fell right through your eyes
to take everything
i fell right through the wormhole
just to hear a memory
fascinated by the gallows
the shape is produced
but the setting escapes me
stand outside
to take my stand
should we fear to look?
or reality?
when its raining
let go to make new ghosts
open the wind and rain
with the hourglass they stand
just to wait and see
if i care


Copyright © 2013 by Jo Heck and Rippled Words