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Perpetual Perfection

 (aka Life Goes On)



what have we here

imagine this

a flower

in bloom

beauty in the making

for a short while

not everlasting

but never ending

the petals may fold

but the seed will drop

and a new life begin

perpetual perfection

such is the design

of life

© 2014, J.H.

Deja Vu

simple as
an apparition
seen in …
not even minesimple as
the darkest dawn
beyond my eyes
asleep and blind

simple as
the passing time
dead and silent
in my head

i was not here
and yet i am
for here i’m waking
in my bed

 sandalwood and amber
that solid wood
scented with memories
of earlier times
deja vu
a glitch in the matrix
or past lifetimes
can’t be sure
but there it is
heady and alluring
plain as day
sandalwood and amber
sweet and smoky
floats in my memory
grab onto
that solid piece of wood
and hold those
some clear
some on the edge of reality
hippie skirts and sandals
opium dens and dreams
sweet and warm
others unknown
but real and present
hold them
for your own
for today
they are what
makes me
feel alive
© 2010 J.H.
originally published pearljam.com