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Don’t Question Perfection



what’s in another?

we’ll never

look like them


no stopping here

no reason

have you seen

the face in

the mirror

why question


take a good look

see what

we all have

in common



look again

you hold the record




and what

could possibly be

wrong with


© 2014, J.H.

Reluctant Rock Star

shaking hands
signing autographs
i have taken your seat
a mystery
no answers
from where i was napping
an impression
i have seen from here
all the hands
one thousand winds
that blow
hold on to the rope
so strong
and i swear
i felt all the blues
he scrunched his face
pinching his nose
and holding his own
territories and allies
we are all grown
and now
there is no place
to know the truth
just wait
to have an honest answer
© 2013 J.H.

The Opening

see through the night
a wrapping
a sturdy box
maybe hope
or trinkets
locked down
unscrew the top
an act given to
violent criminals
a greater number
the sun settles
above the good news
put me in there
maybe it will
set again
to fell
all the other plans


Copyright © 2013 by Jo Heck and Rippled Words