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Song of Silence

the population
in the
its so many
not the truth
and i’d better
stop singing
the quartets
come close
a memory
this minute
a wind howling
us and them
wrapped and adjoined
enjoy the warning
for what happens next
the lyrics escape me
the setting is clear
so many times
a lullabye
traveling in time
to listen
a thought, despite
the tragedy sleeping
in the right direction
but your cup is empty


Copyright © 2013 by Jo Heck and Rippled Words

Bottled Up

heads up
your patience
a capacity for
unfortunate feeling
i’ve been there
search for the front
safe mode
nothing to see
how to leave it
to protect themselves
a disallowance
direct access
the craving drapes the show
guardianship over
this pitiful blizzard
a reason to deny
imminent attack
a secret
i just won’t let it

Copyright © 2013 by Jo Heck and Rippled Words

The Opening

see through the night
a wrapping
a sturdy box
maybe hope
or trinkets
locked down
unscrew the top
an act given to
violent criminals
a greater number
the sun settles
above the good news
put me in there
maybe it will
set again
to fell
all the other plans


Copyright © 2013 by Jo Heck and Rippled Words